Manhattan Waterfront Greenway (South)
GOOD FOR: Ages 5-8

Source:Outdoors with Kids New York City (AMC Books)
Address:89th Street and Riverside Drive, Manhattan, NY
Hours:6 A.M. to 1 A.M. daily
Fee: Free
Bathrooms: 79th Street Boat Basin Café; on Greenway (77th Street)
Water/Snacks: Café at 70th street; shops and restaurants in neighborhood nearby

The Manhattan Waterfront Greenway is a thoroughfare, a promenade, and a spot for a long idyll watching boats and people—all at the same time.

Designated, paved bike lanes and pedestrian paths are separated by greenery along the southern section of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway.
Photo by: Cheryl and William de Jong-Lambert

The Manhattan Waterfront Greenway is by far the most extensive of many renovations within the larger Hudson River Valley Greenway Project. As the shores of Manhattan became less active as commercial and industrial hubs, these areas were neglected and went into steep decline. In 1993 the Department of City Planning (DCP) began designing the Greenway, and in 1997 the DCP and the New York City Department of Transportation produced the New York City Bicycle Master Plan, which incorporated the greenway into a 900-mile-long network of paths and bike lanes throughout New York City. Today, a large portion of this network is up and running—and biking—and the section of the greenway from 86th to 27th streets is among the most widely used areas of it.

You can reach the greenway by entering Riverside Park at 89th Street and Riverside Drive, where the ivory Soldiers and Sailors Monument, commemorating members of the Union army and navy who served during the Civil War, is perched majestically above the Hudson River. Follow the stairs around and behind the monument down into the park, heading south to arrive at the greenway above the 87th Street dog run. Parallel to 84th Street, the path will take you down to the shoreline of the Hudson. As you hike and bike along, you will enjoy scenic views of the Hudson and be entertained by numerous outdoor art installations, including a giant bottle with a fully furnished interior posed as though it simply washed up along the shore. At 59th Street you will arrive at Hudson River Park, a 550-acre park with many destination piers extending all the way down to Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan.

Remember: In spring be sure to visit Cherry Walk, north between 100th and 125th streets.

Plan B:

Dip into Riverside Park South (Trip 19) for quieter walks, idyllic landscapes, and big playgrounds.


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