May 4, 2012
Getting Started - Tips for Successful Outings
How do you get past 'no' and get out with your kids?
by kellyspowers

Following on from a recent blog post, how do you get beyond those everyday obstacles and get your family outside?


When I get it into my head that we are spending time outdoors, I make in part of the day as in, "Today we are going to dance class, we'll have lunch, then we are going for a ride on the rail trail." When I get resistance, I try to break it down as in, "Let's just go try it out for a while and see what's there." Generally, they get curious and we go! Having some really good snacks is also a big help.

Salter Mom »
05/17/2012 09:48 AM

Agree on the "let's just try it out" method - it's the same tactic I use when I don't feel like exercising. "Let's all just do it for 20 minutes and if we aren't having fun, we'll leave and if we're having fun, we'll stay." - we have yet to choose the "leave" option! And snacks are critical - we are partial to goldfish and water bottles/juice boxes for such outings!

kellyspowers »
05/22/2012 11:01 AM

Well, now that I'm guest blogging for AMC, my boys know their photos will be online...they love that! (Not that plenty of people don't see pictures of virtually everything they do on FB anyway ;)

But what I find works wonders is if you can bring a friend or two along. Trips that could be a steady stream of "are we there yet?" are transformed into a "race you there!" joy with the simple addition of another kid or two. And it's not a bad excuse for me to have a walking buddy to talk to along the trail and help with herding the younger hikers, either.

The only caveat is that if you end up bringing other kids along by yourself (as in, without their parents), make sure that you are confident in your ability to manage them on the trail safely. So perhaps save a hike along a narrow ridgeline for a time when your guest's mom or dad can come or when you've done enough easier hiking with said child to know you can reasonably expect good listening when it counts.

virtualeditor »
05/30/2013 06:35 AM

If I can find a place to go that has something a little unusual (like the natural spring we went to this month) or taps into one of the kids' interests (cool rocks, different types of birds -- and really, you can argue that most outings will have at least some of both!), that's usually enough motivation to get them out the door.

virtualeditor »
06/27/2013 08:05 AM

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