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Interchapter Family Group: Hut to Hut Overnight - Lake of the Clouds and Mitzpah Hut
8/20/22 - 8/22/22
A 10.8 mile three day family backpacking overnight to Lake of the Clouds Hut and Mitzpah Springs Hut in beautiful white mountains (with optional additional ...
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Station to Station Hike: D.C. Coast to Coast
8/20/22 - 8/20/22
No car? No problem. Join us for a 5.5 mile hike exploring both sides of the Potomac River, including a visit to Georgetown and lap around Roosevelt Island. ...
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AMC Echo Lake Camp: Week 8
8/20/22 - 8/27/22
All-inclusive lakefront camping on/in Mt. Desert Island/Acadia National Park. Furnished tents. Three hot dining hall meals daily. Weekly Lobster Bakes ...
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Family Yoga On the Mountain
8/21/22 - 8/21/22
.Come and experience the gentle movements and soothing breathing of yoga in a lovely meadow, surrounded by tall trees, singing birds and amazing views. ...
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8/25/22 - 8/25/22
Hiking is good fun and great exercise. You get to see nature, hear birds, smell fresh air, and be outside. Come learn about hiking at Holyoke Heritage ...
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Collect leaves and iron them between sheets of wax paper to make a bookmark or window decoration.

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