FallFest 2023 at Mohican Outdoor Center Volunteer Opportunity

Date and Time

Saturday, September 30, 2023, 10:00AM - 4:00PM


AMC Mohican Outdoor Center,
New Jersey, Delaware Water Gap,


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The fun never ends at AMC and planning is underway for FallFest 2023. On Saturday, September 30, 2023 we'll join our friends and families from the Delaware Valley Chapter and the Potomac Chapter for a day of food and activities at the Mohican Outdoor Center. But a picnic for 150 people doesn't happen by magic: volunteers make just about everything happen at AMC, and this event is no exception. Volunteers are needed to help plan and lead activities and programs. Our chapter volunteers can help move around canoes and kayaks and stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) and manage what goes on at the beach, or help ensure the food service goes well, or help at the visitor's center giving out swag and registering people, etc. Extra-great would be volunteers who are leaders and can coordinate one or two yoga (or like) sessions for the day, or make a presentation on backpacking equipment or bicycle repair. Generally speaking if you're willing to take the lead on organizing a specific activity or program for the day, the club and chapter will support whatever you come up with. And if you're willing to come for the day and take on whatever chores are assigned, that will be great too! The chapter Executive Committee has agreed to reimburse the cost of a rental car from Manhattan to Mohican and back for volunteers on that day! So this is huge as so many of us don't have cars. They'll be lots of time for volunteers to have fun themselves during the day; it won't be hard work for the entire day. Please note that the offer of transportation is not a part of the AMC volunteer opportunity; it's a private matter between members. Email [email protected], or call me at 212 979-2868 to discuss this day's events. There's a video call every other Thursday to discuss planning, and you may want to join in on that. Optional is a carpool to Blairstown, NJ and the Mohican Outdoor Center sometime in August, either the 12th or 19th, to say hello to Christine and Melissa, managers at MOC, and make sure we know where everything is and what's working and what's not. Blairstown is a small artsy town with lots of shops selling handicrafts and illustrations and ceramics and fudge and all that. We can stop at Mohican Farms and see the peacock and ostrich and emu, and pickup some fresh eggs. May not be necessary, but I'm thinking also about a second scouting trip on Sept. 16th (that's a holiday though). What do you think? Rick Bryan

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My favorite outdoor activity is winter backpacking, and ADK Winter Mountaineering School is only six months away! I also enjoy bicycling, and build bicycles for myself and friends. Canoe tripping in the Adirondacks or in the 100 Mile Wilderness are other adventures I've done my entire life. Every once in a while if someone is not feeling well, I'll hop into the Crew Dragon and help out on the ISS to fix things and what-not.
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