Winter Fun For Kids
January 7, 2015

So far our winter has been pretty mild in the Lehigh Valley with only a couple of days of snow flurries but this week has brought a bit more snow and brrrr. It’s been much colder outside, too, which leads me to that inevitable winter question: what am I going to do with the kids? My family likes to stay active and outdoors as much as possible, winter or not. Here are a few winter activities that we love.

1.   Make snow critters. Why stop with snowmen? Try sculpting some snow critters out of snow balls and adding twigs, leaves, berries, or other natural items you find outdoors as extra features. Little ones love helping to make caterpillars, snakes, mice, or any creature their imaginations can come up with. Older kids may come up with much more creative and intricate creations. It’s fun for the whole family!

2.   Make natural birdfeeders. I’ve shared ideas for homemade birdfeeders before. Hang one—or a few—outside to provide your backyard friends with food for the winter. This is something my family enjoys doing every year, even my 9-year-old, and it’s the perfect indoor activity for those extra cold days. Then when it warms up enough, your kids will enjoy hanging their creations outdoors.

3.   Blow bubbles and watch them freeze. This is one activity that my toddler absolutely loves to do. If you have any bubbles left over from the summer or want to make your own, try taking them outdoors when it is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and watch your kids be amazed. The bubbles freeze and eventually shatter, but the designs and intricate details on them are mesmerizing.

4.   Bring out the beach toys. This was an idea my 2-year-old, Miles, actually came up with. While we were up in our attic one day, he found a storage container filled with all of his shovels, buckets, sand molds, and beach toys. He insisted on taking them out in the snow and we have since stopped packing our beach toys away at the end of the summer because we have so much fun with them in the snow too. 

5.   Paint the snow. This is a very simple and fun activity that kids of all ages will enjoy. Use squirt bottles or save empty condiment bottles and fill them with water and add a drop or two of food coloring. Give the bottles a good shake and then you are ready to go. Kids will have tons of fun coloring the snow, drawing, and writing.

6. Go on a winter hike. Check out a few of the local winter hiking destinations I’ve   suggested in a recent post, and look for animal tracks and nests while you’re out. This is a great activity for younger children. They will love looking for animal tracks in the snow and searching high up in trees for squirrel and bird nests, which are easy for them to spot without the leaves on the trees. If you have some, bring some binoculars, too. For more information on tracking wildlife with kids in winter, check out these tips originally published in AMC Outdoors.


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