Lost on Purpose: Corn Mazes
September 19, 2012

What do New England farmers do when all their crops are in and there’s only the long winter ahead? Why, they make cornfield mazes, of course!

Several area farms extend their season and open the doors to the public with fun mazes, often picking a theme for the year. Sometimes, the farms offer other attractions, such as hay rides, pony rides, petting zoos, and the like. Some open at night for spooky walks or decorate the mazes for Halloween.

Suggested Mazes
Probably the biggest and most complex maze around is found at the Davis Farmland Mega Maze in Sterling. Each year, the farm tries to outdo itself. This year, there’s a murder mystery theme. The premise is that a murder has occurred and you’re the detective. So, in addition to making it through the maze, you have to figure out “who did it!”

There is more than one solution to the maze, as well as different levels of intensity at which it can be completed. The farm has come up with what it calls “X-treme Mazing.” If you have the time and inclination, you can spend the day and complete all levels or stay on the same level and see how many different ways you can complete it. This is a great option for competitive teens! In addition to the big maze, there are several smaller “6-Minute Mazes.”

At the Kimball Farm Corn Maze in Haverill, this year’s theme is based on farming and a tractor design is found within the maze. In addition to the maze, there is face painting, farm animals, a herd of buffalo to watch, milking demonstrations, and hayrides.

"Space Exploration" is the theme at Marini Farm’s corn maze in Ipswich. The farm promises that the 8-acre maze is more than a maze, it’s educational. There are more than 18 stations placed throughout the maze with answers to a game sheet that you will be given before entering. A finished game sheet means you have conquered the maze. There’s also a small hay bale maze for younger kids.

Tips for Your Visit
Some kids, especially younger ones, may get intimidated by the large mazes. Keep this in mind as you plan your visit. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes, or boots, if it’s been raining. Leave dogs at home. Definitely visit the farm’s website before you head out. Many mazes are open through October, but they are weather dependent.


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