Fun Indoor Locations to Take Your Family When You Can't Be Outdoors
December 18, 2013


Our kids love the great outdoors. Whether it is hiking, playing ball, biking, exploring the woods, or just playing in our backyard, they both could be outside from morning until night. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to spend time outside because of the weather or winter’s limited daylight hours, so I have highlighted several activities below that will provide you and your family with some exercise and some nature—even if it’s indoors.

Doylestown Rock Gym

Located in Bucks County, this 12,000-square-foot indoor rock climbing center is full of all sorts of climbing surfaces. They offers classes for kids age 2 and up, as well as family climbing classes. They also feature Kids Night Out events. Indoor rock climbing gyms are perfect when you can’t get outside and your kids are climbing the walls!

The Little Treehouse

This unique indoor play area for younger children features an attached restaurant for parents to relax and enjoy themselves. Located in Chestnut Hill, the Little Treehouse features a play area made with all sorts of natural and wooden toys and developmental equipment. They also have a gym where basic gymnastic classes are taught. On certain days and times the gym is open for free play.

The Sky Zone

With locations in several different Philadelphia areas and a new one coming soon to Allentown, the Sky Zone is literally a gigantic trampoline. There are even angled trampoline areas that go up the sides of the walls. The Sky Zone is sure to tire out your kids! Check out their schedules for special events and age-specific jump times.

The Please Touch Museum

Located in Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park, the Please Touch Museum offers a wide array of learning opportunities for children that encourage them to touch, explore, learn, use their imaginations and have fun. There are all sorts of play exhibits from the Rainforest Rhythm room to Roadside Attractions to the River Adventures area. There are also several different designated areas specifically for toddlers to play and learn. Both of my children, ages 8 and almost 2, can easily spend the entire day here.



The DaVinci Science Center

The Da Vinci Science Center is located in Allentown and has a multitude of science exhibits and hands on learning opportunities for children, all powered by the wind turbine located outside the science center. They have an ocean touch tank—where my toddler Miles loves feeling the variety of aquatic creatures—a GyroSphere, a Live Seismometer, specific toddler learning areas, much more. Be sure to check out their calendar of events for exhibit and event information. Now through January 26, 2014, the Tech City exhibit teaches visitors about the design and creation process of the world around us.

The Insectarium

Located in Philadelphia, the Insectarium is exactly what it sounds like—a museum full of bugs, both live and mounted. You can schedule a tour or visit during regular museum hours. This museum features all sorts of exhibits about insects and bugs from live exotic insects, to a cockroach kitchen exhibit, to a working beehive exhibit and more. There are insects that can be touched, an Arachnid Alley, a termite mound and more. Your little ones will definitely be amazed at the world of insects.  Mine loved it. 


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