Deer Island Park
GOOD FOR: All Ages

Source:Submitted by Guest
Address:190 Tafts Avenue, Winthrop, MA 02152
Hours:Sunrise to Sunset
Fee: No Fee
Bathrooms: There are a couple port-o-potties located around the perimeter
Water/Snacks: No water / snacks

Expansive, windswept views of downtown Boston, Winthrop, the Harbor Islands, and beyond.

Photo by: MA Water Resources Authority

Expansive, windswept views of downtown Boston, Winthrop, the Harbor Islands, and beyond. Long trails popular with runners, walkers, and bikers although it never seems crowded since this place is very large. You can get an up-close look at the city's high tech waste water treatment facility and the two large wind turbines that power the island. It's a circuitous drive through Winthrop to get there but it's worth it. Some of the trails have pretty good elevation with really great views. Note: the parking lot is small, so you may have to park on the street during the summer weekends.

Where to Eat Nearby:

High Tide Cafe, Nick's Place



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