Auburndale Park
GOOD FOR: All Ages

Source:Submitted by sbrown2112
Address:West Pine Street, Newton, 02466
Fee: No Fee

Bathrooms: Bathrooms located near the playground
Water/Snacks: Head into Newton on Commonwealth Avenue for commercial businesses

This park will keep your kids busy all day!

This park will keep your kids busy all day! Playgrounds, hiking trails, ball fields, and riverfront - this park has it all. At the West Pine Street entrance, you have access to a great playground, picnic area, small beach, ball field, and exercise trail. You can also follow the trail to Flowed Meadow Conservation Area (although it is a little overgrown in the summer). You can also park on Forest Grove Road, and follow the trail about a quarter mile to the playground. There are some great view of the Charles River and fishing spots along the way.



By: Guest
Posted: 10/21/2017 07:14

There are lots places for the children to enjoy the entire day. Auburndale Park is one of the best place for outdooring with the kids. The playgrounds and hiking trails will definitely love the children. Can you please provide more pictures of this place?virtual museum tours louvre

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By: Guest
Posted: 09/28/2017 07:38

Auburndale Park is one of the best places for children to enjoy their vacation. This park will definitely keep your kid busy the whole day. It offers great playground, picnic area and more to enjoy your kid. Please update more pictures of the park over

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