Pool Wildlife Sanctuary
September 11, 2013



We had wanted to take our kids to the Pool Wildlife Sanctuary in Emmaus for quite some time, so I was happy we finally made it to this hidden little Lehigh Valley treasure last week. The 77.5-acre sanctuary is the headquarters for the Wildlands Conservancy, a non-profit organization working to educate the community on environmental protection and preserve wildlife and natural lands in the Lehigh Valley.

The Pool Wildlife Sanctuary in is an ideal place for toddlers and younger school-age children to enjoy nature. The paths are shorter in distance, easy to navigate, and fairly flat, but there is plenty for your little ones to see and explore. There is a boardwalk that runs along the Little Lehigh Creek where you are sure to discover all sorts of birds and wildlife if you are quiet. While we were there, we saw many unusual birds, including an enormous heron that swooped down into the water just alongside of us. We also got a close up look at a woodpecker, pecking at a branch above our heads on Woodland Trail. Be sure to stop at the pond just up from the parking lot. My toddler, Miles, loved trying to spot the many frogs that were peeking their heads up out of the water and hopping into the pond. The day we went to the sanctuary, we invited my older son’s friend to come along with us. The two boys, Lucas and Brady, enjoyed leading the way while we walked on the board walk along the creek. They had fun reading and discussing the posted signs that provide explanations of the sanctuary surroundings.


The Pool Wildlife Sanctuary has many educational events throughout the year. Their You and Me program is a monthly event designated for preschoolers and an adult. The program for this month, being held September 26th, is called You and Me: And We’re Off. This event is all about birds and migration. For more information on these events, check out http://www.wildlandspa.org/education-and-recreation/community-programs/

There are plenty of picnicking areas at the sanctuary but if you travel South on Cedar Crest Boulevard to Main Street in Emmaus, you will find a variety of places to eat. Dogs are welcome at the Pool Wildlife Sanctuary, but they must be leashed.



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