Homemade Gear: DIY Pulks, Lanterns & Beyond
December 23, 2015

by Ethan Hipple
We all know good gear can make your life easier in the outdoors. It can also set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Crafting your own homemade, or “do it yourself” (DIY), outdoor gear with your kids can be a fun solution. Options range from simple projects using household or campsite items you probably have on hand to more complicated endeavors that require preplanning. Some of the projects below lend themselves to hands-on help from kids; others lead to kid-friendly results but require adult assembly. Have fun and get creative!



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Tip of the Day

Play landscape painter for the day: Set up an easel and paints outdoors, or bring paper and colored pencils, and try to capture what you see (or convey the feeling with colors and shapes—don’t worry if you can’t draw).

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